With Abbey having joined our team in July 2019, we felt it was about time we met up to collaborate, plan and have little bit of fun!

Meeting somewhere in central London, we enjoyed a feast of a breakfast as we discussed our aspirations and goals. The usual half an hour delay to getting started (as the cable for the TV was missing from the venue) gave us valuable time to catch up on how our families, health and social activities had been going.

Whilst we did the usual SWOT analysis and planning, we all felt getting know each other on a more personal level gave us the most value from the day. Little did we know at the time, that lockdown was about to happen and we’d not see each other in person for months to come!

When we were finished a productive morning of planning, we headed off for an escape room challenge. Something I’d secretly been dreading! Would my ‘control freak’ come out to play? My super competitive side? Would I get any of the puzzles right?

Despite my reservations however, we had an amazing time! Whilst I’m sure the adrenaline was pumping towards the end as the 1hr clock counted down, it was great to see how our different skill sets and personalities really complemented each other and worked well under pressure.

The time on the clock was 00:32 when we escaped! Less than half a minute left. I think all of us were buzzing and talking about when we could book the next one and how it was much more enjoyable than we’d expected.

I’m pretty sure I learnt more about my team in that afternoon than I had all year. It is amazing to find people that you not only work well with and respect, but can genuinely have a laugh with and value. We’ve kept in touch by zoom over lockdown, but I look forward to our quarterly socials and next away day. It’s so important when you are a remote team like ours, that we take time to check-in with each other, prioritise meeting up every now and then and can have some fun.

We don’t need regular contact, but we value knowing that we are there for each other and we definitely make the most of the times we can get together. We can’t wait for the next chapter of ReThink HR as we enter our 4th year together.