My first six months with ReThink HR have been a mixture of excitement and growth for me. This blog recounts my journey, from my induction with the team and getting to know my colleagues, discovering what we do, and the aspects I truly appreciate about my role. 

Induction with the Team:

During my first week with ReThink HR, I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. The induction process was well-structured and comprehensive, making me feel like a valued member from day one. My colleagues took the time to introduce me to the company culture, and processes, ways of working to ensure a smooth transition into my role. I quickly realised that teamwork, collaboration, support and knowledge sharing were at the heart of ReThink HR’s success.

The Way We Work:

One of the things that impressed me the most about ReThink HR is the passion to delight clients, by guiding them through their HRIS digital transformation projects and keeping technological advancements at the forefront of everything.  It was clear that the team strive to make our client’s lives easier through technology transformation and automation.

Training and Continuous Professional Development:

The company’s commitment to employee development became evident during my first weeks of employment. ReThink HR invests in continuous learning, ensuring that we stay updated with the latest HR practices and industry trends. Attending the HR Technologies Show and Festival of Work provided the opportunity to network with vendors and attend knowledge sharing seminars. ReThink HR places significant emphasis on investing in its employee’s growth by providing opportunities to attend professional development courses offered by external providers.

Getting to Know the Team:

Beyond the professional aspect, getting to know my colleagues has been one of the highlights of my journey. ReThink HR is a small community where collaboration and mutual support are encouraged.   We have “Team Cuppa” virtual meetings at least twice a week to catchup and chat, plus quarterly social events.

Introduction to Client Work:

As a new employee, I was thrilled to be able to dive straight into a HRIS implementation as extra support to the client’s team. More recently I have been involved supporting a client with their ATS selection and assisting another client with their HRIS vendor selection project.

Alongside my client work I have had the opportunity to be involved in several research projects, which I have enjoyed thoroughly.

What I Really Like:

The dynamic nature of the role keeps me motivated, and every day is a chance to learn and also make a positive impact.  HR technologies and advancements is an area which I have always been enthusiastic about and ReThink HR shares that same passion.


Reflecting on my first six months with ReThink HR, I am very grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had so far.  From my induction to working on client projects, embracing new technologies, and building strong relationships with my colleagues and vendors, I have learnt so much in this short period of time and I’m excited to continue my growth with the team.