We get to work with a wide range of HR systems, so Hollie has pulled together some information about one of the newer players in the market, Factorial.

Factorial is growing fast and is making a name for itself in the UK market following success in its native Spain and other global territories.  I recently had the opportunity to participate in Factorial’s partner training programme and become a certified implementation partner.  Here are my top three about what makes Factorial a great HRIS.

  1. Breadth of functionality

Factorial is a hugely comprehensive system with a wide range of functionality.  As well as covering the assumed basics – think recording employee data, managing absence, storing documents, and reporting – it also incorporates a whole host of features to aid HR teams and wider business operations.

Functionality includes:

  • An ATS which also provides a company jobs page for advertising
  • A performance module which incorporates goal setting and competencies as well as performance reviews
  • Engagement features which include surveys functionality, an employee net promoter score tool, employee communications, and communities
  • Rostering and time and attendance capability
  • Customisable workflows

Beyond what you might traditionally see in an HRIS, there are also some really great tools for managing business elements such as:

  • Expenses
  • Project time tracking
  • Managing and booking spaces, such as meeting rooms and offices
  • Management of software assets and subscriptions

All of these elements link together really well within the system – for example, the project time tracking links with the time and attendance module and timesheets.  The different features are also really customisable so can be set up and used in the way that your organisation requires.

  1. Ease of configuration and use

Factorial has an attractive and user-friendly interface.  The system is intuitive and easy to navigate.

The same goes for the system configuration.  The set up for each module is straightforward and clearly laid out with helpful on-screen explanations.

And if you have any queries while you are working through the configuration, the online help centre (accessed directly from the platform) is a really useful resource.  Easily searchable and very comprehensive, it hasn’t yet failed to answer a question I’ve posed.

  1. Use of AI

Factorial is making great use of AI and is continuing to build on this functionality.

Currently AI can be used within the system to draft job descriptions, suggest competencies for a role, and evaluate and score job candidates.

It is also being used within the advanced reporting module and this is the area that particularly excited me and which I’m looking forward to exploring further.  With a simple instruction of ‘build a report of all leavers’, a report was quickly and accurately created – no need to build a report template or know which data fields I needed to add in.  This was a fairly straightforward test, but the potential is much bigger and Factorial can manage much more complex requests.  This will be so beneficial for HR teams and businesses when the time saved in pulling together data can be spent on the more valuable task of actually analysing the data and creating insights and action plans.

Beyond the system, the Factorial team have been great to work with.  They are truly passionate about and proud of their product and have been friendly and enthusiastic in all of my dealings with them.


About Factorial

Factorial is a global solution for SMEs that digitalises and streamlines HR processes using an all-in-one, intuitive platform.

The cloud-based software automates administrative tasks and empowers HR professionals to make better business decisions.

About ReThink HR

ReThink HR is a vendor agnostic consultancy specialising in HR systems strategy, selection and implementation. The above information is based on our experience of becoming an accredited implementation partner of Factorial. All systems and all organisations are different, if you’d like to understand more about how ReThink HR can help you with your HR systems needs, please get in touch.