HR tech has always been at the heart of what we do at ReThink HR, and so we decided to make this our exclusive speciality. It’s not just about the sleek and shiny interface or the clever tools, it’s about the change we can bring to our clients.   

Now, every member of the team gets to indulge their passion for systems full-time, bringing their years of in-house HR experience and combining it with full geekery. 

The world of HR is continuing to evolve and we are happy to be at the forefront of that change. Businesses want to make data-driven decisions when designing their people strategy, and they need accurate data to do so. HR teams are very focussed on what they need to provide this information. 

We see first-hand the struggles that our clients are facing if they don’t have a central, accurate and maintained HR system and it is our pleasure to be able to work with them to resolve this and make their working lives easier. 

We asked the team about what they love about HR tech and why they wanted to be part of the ReThink HR team: 

Constant evolution 

Sarah loves seeing the transformation tech can bring “I have always enjoyed streamlining processes for businesses.  HR teams are always thrilled with the automation and time saving which can be achieved.” 

In an industry that is constantly moving, new developments and systems are popping up all the time, which we love to investigate and understand. 

Global reach 

Ali is all about variety: “No two days are the same. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities due to the diverse range of clients and projects we handle.” Her favourite projects are the ones that span countries, cultures and require regional localisations. 

We get to work with teams and organisations across a huge range of sectors based in the UK and globally.  It’s our pleasure to have an insight into their working lives and see how we can enhance them with systems, automation and more. 

Ali seated. wearing jeans and red shirt

People first 

Hollie loves bringing her methodical approach and attention to detail, to make her clients’ lives better: “Our clients are always really appreciative of our support and it’s great to be able to bring our expertise and additional resource and see the difference that it makes.” 

It’s still all about people! Our work ultimately enables individuals and teams and frees them from admin so they are able to work on engaging, value-added activities. 

Proven expertise 

We are able to leverage the experience we have built up over the years and we hear first-hand what that brings to a project.  Changing HR systems is big undertaking and not an activity you want to do regularly. Not everyone has had (or really wants!) the opportunity to be involved in a project which can have so many elements to it, especially if recruitment and L&D systems are also included. Luckily, we love it.  

The personal touch 

From getting started (which can feel overwhelming) and keeping momentum throughout the whole lifecycle from building the business case for investment, selecting a system, implementing it into the organisation and measuring the return on the investment, we have tools and tips for making every project run as smoothly as possible from start to finish. 

There is also a sense of accomplishment when we have overcome something that arose unexpectedly, from a surprise acquisition to the departure of a key member of the project team; we’ve seen it and (crucially) managed it before so we can guide the team through and keep the project on track. 

Put all that together, and HR Tech is definitely where we belong. We’ve been busy giving our website a redesign and a fresh coat of paint to show you what we mean.   

If you’re looking for specialists to work on your HR system project, please get in touch with Zoe or Philippa. We’d be delighted to speak with you about your project and how we can help make it the most successful it can be!