I’ve had an interest in HR Information Systems (HRIS) for as long as I’ve worked in HR. I remember back in 2003, being invited to join the project team to implement a new HR and Payroll system and finding the whole selection, configuration and implementation project thoroughly challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. Since that experience, my interest and passion for using technology to engage, facilitate, automate, analyse and enhance has continued to grow.

Unfortunately there are so many companies that don’t have the right system, knowledge or configuration to utilise the maximum benefits that an HRIS should bring. 

Any of these situations sound familiar?

  • HR colleagues regularly tearing their hair out in frustration at trying to get the right data out or run a report; 
  • Workflows are incomplete or do half the job as the initial set up wasn’t finished, but no one has the time or knowledge to fix it;
  • Managers are disengaged and see they system as more of a burden than an asset;
  • People don’t use it as they keep forgetting their password or the information isn’t accurate anyway. 

…I’ve even worked with a client who had one person entering all of the holiday as they couldn’t figure out the self-service module and thought it was easier to just get the Administrator to enter it all!

Whilst all of the above are common, you may be surprised to know that the main issue isn’t usually the providers fault or wrong product selection. So what tends to be the issue?

  • The business has approached it as an HR system rather than a business solution and therefore managers and key stakeholders were not engaged or involved in selection or configuration;
  • The HR lead who implemented it has left and the new lead just sees a dysfunctional system that isn’t meeting business requirements or manager’s needs;
  • There is a lack of resource or knowledge on how to improve it;
  • It hasn’t been fully configured properly and no one owns sorting it out;
  • Poor relationships with the provider and lack of maintenance with new functionality and upgraded capability;
  • Lack of investment to integrate other systems rather than having manual work arounds.

It pains me to think of the money being spent on systems that could be everything the company needs it to be; but it isn’t; and it won’t be; and the likelihood is the cycle will begin again with a new provider being challenged to meet the new requirements.

It doesn’t appear there are many strategic HR Directors with a technical and commercial approach to system projects balanced with the need of HR, and I’d love to help more companies spot the key issues, find a way forward and stop the pain.

Whether it is the initial scope of requirements, support with project management and implementation or a review and advice on your current system we’d genuinely love to help. As self-confessed HR tech geeks we love the challenge of leaving you with better integration, efficiency and company engagement and leaving you in a much better place than we found you. 

There is some amazing technology out there and products that suit all sizes and complexity of businesses (and budgets). With the right scope, selection and implementation it can be transformational for Candidates, Employees, Managers, HR and Company-wide.

So what can a company like ReThink HR offer?

  • We can speak tech and build relationships with providers; 
  • We do HR, so we identify and approach our work from an employee engagement, operational and strategic HR view (and we don’t forget Finance and IT are key stakeholders in these types of projects);
  • We are strong project managers who can add valuable resources at the right stage of your project;
  • We love what we do and think we have a unique skill set that can add real value.

We’d love to hear your stories and experiences. We’d also welcome contact from anyone who may need our support, providers who may wish to partner with us or opportunities for referrals for this type of work. Let’s build more confidence in HR technology; not forget the human touch; and be freer of frustrations and avoidable inefficiencies. We love our job and can’t wait for the next HRIS project to come our way.

Zoe Wilson, Director [and HRtech geek]